Webee Toddler and Children's Educational Learning Game Console For Ages 2-6 with 27 Games Included

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WHAT IS THE WEBEE CONSOLE PACKAGE: It includes the Webee Gaming keyboard console, 2 Cables (USB-A/USB-A, USB-A/Lighting Apple), access to the online interactive gaming platform with 27 included games, 2 independent child users, access to the Webee game shop with many additional games, access to the parent monitoring dashboard.


THE WEBEE GAMING CONSOLE: A fun and simple four-button keyboard, designed for kids ages 2-6. It connects to any PC, laptop or tablet using the included cables (plug & play). Children play the games by using the 4 primary-colored large buttons. The games are available in 7 languages.


WEBEE FUN & EDUCATION COMBINATION: Each game is both – fun and educational, providing your child the level of satisfaction & achievement they deserve. It incorporates Mathematical thinking, Vocabulary, Color Recognition, Concentration, Ratio Concepts, Memory, Letters Identification, Numbers Identification, Size Concepts, Planning, and more, but most of all, unlimited entertainment for the little ones.


THE WEBEE PARENT MONITORING INTERFACE: The Webee platform correlates the information gathered from the child’s activity and benchmark information and indicates to the parent how the child is performing and what games and skills they excel at. The parent dashboard is independently accessible on the Webee platform and is not part of the children safe & closed gaming environment.


THE WEBEE WORLD CONTENT SHOP: An online repository of games for Webee. The game store recommendation engine can recommend the appropriate games to parents based on the experience and success track of the child.

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