TOZO Golden X1 Bluetooth Noise Cancellation Earbuds with Wireless Charging Case

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Give You A Hi-Fi Immersive Sound
The combination of Dynamic and Armature drivers provide 12Hz~ 44.1KHz super wide range responds. Capable of expressing every detail of sounds vividly. Trebles like guitar's sweet and crisp metallic sound, a needle falls onto ground. And 12mm in-ear subwoofer even can restores the earth's trembling.

Armature Driver Creates High frequency of 44.1KHz
Featured with Hi-Res Audio, X1 meets the treble to 44.1kHz which higher than the 20kHz that human can hear. It can even restore the ultrasonic sound of dolphins. The Balanced Armature Driver can excellently reproduction high-frequency sounds such as guitar metals, treble cymbal for drums, etc.

Dynamic Driver Creates Powerful Bass As 12Hz
TOZO Acoustic Lab continues to break through the barriers of headphone acoustics. Developed large 12mm High Amplitude Dynamic Driver specifically for TOZO Golden X1, Which is capable of delivering 12Hz bass, even below the 20Hz that human can hear. Restores the earth's trembling subwoofer vividly.

Active Noise Cancelling for Hi-Fi
3 Layer Hybrid High Effective Active Noise Cancellation, cutting out ambient noises like air craft, trains, motors, Etc. Create a quiet environment like home for your Hi-Fi immersive sounds.

IPX6 Waterproof
Nano-coating efficiently protects the earbuds from the damage of the splash by sweat and raindrops.

Exclusive EarPrint Technology.
EarPrint, by TOZO app, customizes exclusive sound effects for different users' ears, compensates for hearing deficiencies, Providing a previously unheard feast of High-Fidelity sound experiences.

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