SURGE QuickType 2.0 Wireless PS5 Controller Keypad for Playstation 5

Sale price$34.95


Communicate with friends, search the web, & enter codes in seconds with the Surge QuickType 2.0. Our PlayStation 5 chat pad features an ergonomic design with a full QWERTY keyboard, allowing you to quickly send messages and get back to the game. The pad connects to your PlayStation 5 console via Bluetooth through a simple setup, with no adapters to plug in or keep track of. A loudspeaker on the back of the device amplifies audio, immersing you in the action. A 3.5mm pass-through port allows you to connect your headset to the bottom of the chat pad without affecting mic or audio quality.

Full QWERTY Keyboard
Ergonomic Design
Wireless Connection
Compatible with most headsets
Built-in Speaker
Simple Setup

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