Surge QuickType 2.0 Wireless Controller Keypad for Xbox Series X/S Controllers

Sale price$39.95


Communicate with friends, search the web, & enter codes in seconds with the Surge QuickType 2.0 for Xbox Series X/S & One. Our chat pad features an ergonomic design with a full QWERTY keyboard, allowing users to quickly send messages and get back to the game. The pad connects to your Xbox console through a wireless connection, with an included adapter that stores in the chat pad when not in use for an easy setup.
A 3.5mm pass-through port allows you to connect your headset to the bottom of the chat pad, allowing you to communicate by voice or text.
Wireless connectivity with receiver provides a stable connection
Quick & easy to connect – no software required
A full qwerty keyboard gives you a fast and familiar typing experience so you can get back to the action quicker
Ergonomic design matches the look and feel of your controller; there when you need it and fading into the background when not in use

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