Surge FPS Grip Kit with Precision Aiming Rings - PlayStation 5

Sale price$24.95


Level up your controller skills with the Surge FPS Grip Kit. Anti-slip grips on the controller and thumbsticks provide greater control and comfort for long sessions. Adjustable precision aiming rings and two heights of thumb grips improve your accuracy and adapt to fit your playstyle. The premium feel of the FPS grip kit matches its effect in-game, designed to keep you a step ahead of the competition.


Improved Performance
Precision aiming rings add resistance to your thumb sticks, letting you raise your sensitivity without sacrificing aim. Anti-slip grips keep you in control to let you control the engagement

Built For You
Designed to adapt to how you play. Two different sets of aiming rings and thumb sticks provide different levels of resistance, letting you dial in your preferred setup

Superior Control
Anti-slip palm grips alleviate sweaty hands and provides superior grip. Textured thumb grips and aiming rings keeps you on target and in control

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