Sony Playstation 5 DualSense Charging Station - White

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Keep your DualSense Wireless Controllers powered up and ready to go with the DualSense Charging Station from Sony. Featuring secure click-in design cradles that allow you to charge up to two DualSense controllers simultaneously, you can leave your controllers to charge without connecting them to your PlayStation 5 console. This frees your USB ports for other uses such as connecting peripherals and external storage drives. Once the controllers are done charging, simply pick them up off the cradles and get to playing.

Dual Charging for DualSense
Charge up to two DualSense Wireless Controllers simultaneously.

Free Your Ports
With the DualSense Charging Station, you don't have to connect your controllers to your PlayStation 5 to charge them, freeing the USB ports for other uses.

Click-In Design
The charging station's cradles are designed to securely hold your DualSense controllers in place as they charge while providing quick and easy removal.

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