12‐Pack of 10.5 Oz Sashco 10016 White Big Stretch Water‐Based Elastomeric Sealant

Sale price$79.95


A water‐clean‐up caulk that can span gaps up to 2” wide and stretch and compress with joint movement. Skins quickly for better rain‐resistance and to prevent dirt pickup. It can be painted over with latex and oil‐based paints and stains. Lifetime warranty.


  • Super elastic, moves instead of tears
  • Spans gaps up to 2” wide with no slump
  • Powerful adhesion
  • High durability
  • Water-based
  • Low VOC
  • Superb paintability
  • Freeze-thaw stable
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Full 10.5 oz. in every cartridge
  • Won’t cause paint gloss
  • Exclusive stop flow plunger

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