Samson CL8A Multi-Pattern Professional Studio Condenser Microphone

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Offering extreme versatility, the Samson CL8a multi-pattern condenser microphone is the perfect addition to the home, project or professional studio. With three selectable pickup patterns (cardioid, omnidirectional, and figure-8), the CL8a is ready to get the best results in nearly any recording application. Dual 4-micron thin diaphragms within a 1.1" gold-sputtered capsule ensure accurate audio reproduction while delivering a warm, smooth sound. The CL8a features low self noise and a wide dynamic range to capture the nuance and detail of your audio. An onboard high-pass filter and attenuation switches add to the microphone's versatility.
Large Diaphragm Performance
A microphone’s performance has much to do with the capsule, and the CL8a is doesn’t compromise on quality. With a 1.1" gold-sputtered capsule and two ultra-thin 4-micron diaphragms, the CL8a delivers a smooth, balanced sound. The wide frequency range and fast transient response ensure accurate reproduction and will preserve the “breathing space” and “acoustic ambience” of a featured vocalist or instrument.
Multi-Pattern Performance
Offering three switchable pickup patterns (cardioid, omnidirectional, figure-8), the CL8a is suited to excel in every studio micing situation. The Cardioid pattern provides excellent rejection of sounds behind and to the sides of the mic for enhanced isolation. In the Omnidirectional mode, sound is picked up by the CL8a equally in all directions and is especially useful for capturing more than one performer at a time. The Figure-8 (bidirectional) mode pattern captures sound equally both in front of and behind the microphone, while rejecting sounds at the side of the microphone – an ideal solution for face-to-face recording of harmonizing vocalists, dueling instrumentalists, or even an interview.
Enhanced Electronics
The CL8a is built to take whatever you can throw at it. With a switchable -10dB pad, the microphone is capable of handling up to 147dB SPL (with the pad off), making it adept on tackling loud sound sources like miking guitar cabinets, brass instruments, and drums. The switchable 12dB per octave high-pass filter at 100Hz minimizes low-frequency rumble.

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