Samson CL8A Multi-Pattern Microphone and SR850 Semi Open-Back Headphones Bundle

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Samson CL7a is a modern studio condenser microphone for music production, podcasting, streaming and YouTube video creation. Capture clear and balanced sound from a shockmounted hand tuned capsule with a 1.1" gold sputtered diaphragm. The CL7a delivers a smooth, warm sound with a cardioid pickup pattern that provides excellent noise isolation, rejecting off-axis sounds. The CL7a features low self noise and a wide dynamic range to capture the nuance and detail of your audio. An onboard high-pass filter and attenuation switches add to the microphone's versatility.

Large Diaphragm Performance
A microphone’s performance has much to do with the diaphragm and the CL7a doesn’t compromise on quality. With a large 1.1" gold-sputtered capsule and an ultra-thin 3-micron diaphragm, the CL7a delivers a distinctly smooth, balanced sound. The wide frequency range and fast transient response ensure accurate reproduction while preserving the “breathing space” and “acoustic ambience” of a featured vocalist or instrument.
Samson SR850 Semi-Open Studio Headphones are designed to provide a linear frequency response making them extremely accurate and great for critical mixing or for music playback. The headphones high frequency response is smooth and sweet, and the bass response is warm and tight, thanks to the proprietary 50mm neodymium drivers. The semi-open, circumaural design reduces ear fatigue and is easy to listen to during long mixing or listening sessions. The SR850 employs soft velour ear cushions that are comfortable and fit snugly over most any ear, and the self-adjusting band ensures a good fit. Whether you are recording, mixing or just kicking back and listening to your favorite tunes, the SR850 headphones are an ideal choice.
Included inside
Samson CL8A Multi-Pattern Professional Studio Condenser Microphone
Shock mount
SR850 Professional Studio Reference Headphones
1/8-inch (3.5mm) to 1/4-inch adapter

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