Samson CL8A Multi-Pattern Microphone and SR550 Closed Back Headphones Bundle

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Offering extreme versatility, the Samson CL8a multi-pattern condenser microphone is the perfect addition to the home, project or professional studio. With three selectable pickup patterns (cardioid, omnidirectional, and figure-8), the CL8a is ready to get the best results in nearly any recording application. Dual 4-micron thin diaphragms within a 1.1" gold-sputtered capsule ensure accurate audio reproduction while delivering a warm, smooth sound. The CL8a features low self noise and a wide dynamic range to capture the nuance and detail of your audio. An onboard high-pass filter and attenuation switches add to the microphone's versatility.
Large Diaphragm Performance
A microphone’s performance has much to do with the capsule, and the CL8a is doesn’t compromise on quality. With a 1.1" gold-sputtered capsule and two ultra-thin 4-micron diaphragms, the CL8a delivers a smooth, balanced sound. The wide frequency range and fast transient response ensure accurate reproduction and will preserve the “breathing space” and “acoustic ambience” of a featured vocalist or instrument.
The Samson SR 550 Over-Ear Studio Headphones utilizes a 40mm rare earth magnet driver with a closed-ear design to deliver a wide full-range reference frequency response for tracking, mixing, and mastering. Intended for extended listening sessions, the headphones feature memory-foam-cushioned earcups and an adjustable headband for a secure comfortable fit. A 3.5mm to 1/4" adapter is included.
Included inside
Samson CL8A Multi-Pattern Professional Studio Condenser Microphone
Shock mount
Samson SR 550 Studio Headphones
6.3 mm (1/4" ) stereo adapter

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