RDX T17 Aura Nova Tech Boxing Sparring Gloves - Golden - 12oz - Shock Absorbing Foam, Moisture Wicking for Heavy Punching Bag Training, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Sparring

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The future of boxing – is ‘ON’ your hands. Witness the biggest change in a pair of boxing gloves since the inception of the Queensbury Rules – 200 years ago. Hand stitched using a patented combat leather, Kalix Skin- a vegan material that is laminated using a thin layer of foam that is Hepta-Fused together. The future of hand protection is the Patent Pending Flat Arc Radial Panel (NOVA TECH) moulded to curve over the knuckles, thin at the base with more volume of padding focused on the impact area of your fists.

Kalix Skin –This engineered combat shell uses multiple layers of laminated leather that serves as an added layer of padding over its shock-consolidating center.

MG-2 – This unique impact-busting mould counters impact with a layer of compressed EVA padding and blacktop foam. The hammerhead base coupled with our signature NOVA TECH cut encompasses the knuckles with shock-diminishing padding that breaks down aggressively charged particles from searing through the glove.

Nova Tech – The Flat Arc Radial Panel breaks charged molecules down through circular motion, dulling the intensity of any strike before it reaches the bones.

Hepta-Fusion: A signature hand-stitching technique that fuses 7 panels of Kalix Skin into a jacket covering the core.  Built to combat temperature fluctuations and withstand wear and tear of intense sessions.

Inner-Aura: Absorbent inner lining wicks moisture away from the skin for a dry and comfortable combat experience.

Quick-EZ: A high quality mid-width cuff is easy to apply and consists of injected foam for added protection.

Cool-X: Nylon mesh traps cool air while evacuating hot moisture that gets trapped within the gloves.

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