RDX T1 Full Face Protection Headgear for Boxing, MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai, Kickboxing - BLACK - MEDIUM

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RDX makes sure your head is in the right place! High-quality Maya Hide leather covers this extremely durable and well-built head-guard. Zero Impact Head guard consists of triple padded Tri-Slab with Shell-Shock gel-lining between each slab for max shock absorption, along with Supremo-Shock Foam padding; this translates to a highly shock-absorbent product. Optional removable face-grill is made of high-quality lightweight polymer to ensure overall protection of the face. So get in there and spar with complete confidence knowing you’re head is safe and secure!

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – With Maya Hide leather, this headgear becomes durable and resilient for training in MMA, Muay Thai, BJJ, Kickboxing, and other similar sports.

MULTIPLE PADDINGS – The head gear is reinforced with multiple layers of foam padding that diffuse the brunt of impact during training sessions.

PADDED EAR DESIGN – The headgear comes with unique compressed EVA foam ear padding that prevents stray hits from coming into contact with the head.

PVC GRILL – The plastic-based grill in the front of the headgear allows the users to easily see their target while preventing any direct hits towards the face.

REMOVABLE DESIGN – The PVC grill is removable, which allows the trainees to work out and spar as per their comfort and need.

ADJUSTABLE FITTING – Multiple Quick-EZ straps are used in the RDX headgear to allow proper fitting on the users’ heads.

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