RDX F7 EGO MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Training Boxing Gloves - GOLDEN - 14OZ

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If you're looking for the ultimate pair of boxing gloves to help take your performance and results to the next level, look no further than F7 EGO TRAINING BOXING GLOVES. Combining state-of-the-art design with exceptional craftsmanship and top-notch materials, these top-quality training gloves provide adequate protection when sparring. With lightweight Quadra Dome-3™ padding that contours around your hands, our training and sparring gloves offer maximum wrist support, plus a snug fit from adjustable straps. These gloves are both comfortable and secure – making them perfect for boxers!

INCREASED USABILITY AND HIGHER ENDURANCE RDX brings its premium EGO Series Boxing Gloves for tough training and sparring by boxers, kickboxers, and Muay Thai practitioners. The use of Maya Hide leather allows you to use full force without holding back in your boxing training. These punching gloves can be the perfect upgrade to your training and pre-fight exercise. The premium finish makes them the perfect training gloves for men and women alike.

SUPERIOR IMPACT DIFFUSION These heavy bag gloves are advanced punching bag gloves that have a Polygonal Fusion Foam, EVA Foam Padding, Spongy Blacktop Fabric, Calibrated Impact Diffusion Sheet, Infused Dispersion Sheet, and SpongeX. Multiple padding layers in these fighting gloves are the result of advanced innovation as they keep your fists completely safe during the hardest sparring sessions.

KEEP YOUR HANDS DRY WITH EFFICIENT VENTILATION These exclusive F7 series boxing bag gloves come with S.P.P ventilation holes placed strategically on the central palm area as well as the thumb region. The increased airflow keeps your palms and hands sweat-free, making them the ideal boxing and kickboxing gloves for longer and more robust usage.

FLAWLESS FORM WITH EASE The perfect form of the fists is always critical for any fighter, however, for boxers and kickboxers, it becomes essential if they want to keep their hands safe. These boxing training gloves have DenZo Tron grip bar in the upper palm area and the connected thumb design naturally supports your ideal fist formation. These fighting boxing gloves let you unleash your full power without any trouble at all.

ALIGN FISTS WITH YOUR WRISTS These Maya hide leather boxing gloves offer maximum utility to men and women combined. Get an extra-long quick-touch fastener strap, which ensures improved support and alignment of your fists with your wrists. This way you can easily power up your punches, without worrying about the alignment and dispersion of your force. Your opponents will feel the power as you give them a tough time in your sparring sessions.

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