RDX F4 Boxing Sparring Gloves Hook & Loop - Maroon/Blue

Size: 10OZ
Sale price$34.95


If you're ready to take your boxing performance and results to the next level, RDX F4 BOXING SPARRING Gloves are just what you need. Boasting a modern design, superior craftsmanship and high-grade materials, these premier training gloves provide complete protection when sparring. Don't miss out on this opportunity to become an even stronger boxer!Our training and sparring gloves are designed with Membrane Grid-2 featuring multiple layers of protective cushioning. The combination of  various layers of foam ensures maximum shock diffusion while the taka closure system amplifies wrist support. These gloves offer an unparalleled level of comfort and safety – ideal for boxing enthusiasts!

  • Kalix skin Maya Hide leather for durability
  • Multilayered padding to prevent injuries
  • DenZo Tron foam cylinder for protection and fist formation
  • Attached thumb design for ideal form
  • Ventilation palm holes allow ultimate comfort
  • Taka closure system for enhanced adjustability

TENACIOUS DURABILITY: These RDX boxing gloves are made with Kalix Skin Maya Hide leather that offers incomparable durability and reliability. Strive for greatness with these sparring gloves with unparalleled performance during boxing, Muay Thai, or kickboxing sessions.

DISTINCT LAYERS OF PADDING: These heavy bag gloves feature a Spongey Blacktop Fabric, Polygonal Fusion Foam, EVA-Lution Sheet, and Gel Foam, allowing the punching bag gloves to effectively prevent the recoil impact from reaching back to the user during training.

ENHANCED FIST SUPPORT: The combat gloves offer an attached thumb design and have a DenZo Tron foam in the palm area for an ideal shape of fist formation. The enhanced fist support of these punching gloves lets you add more power to your punches.

INNOVATIVE CLOSURE: These MMA sparring gloves offer better wrist support due to their unique TAKKA closure system as compared to conventional hook and loop closure. The elasticated strap attached to the closure strap helps to tighten the MMA gloves more quickly and efficiently with minimal effort.

AMPLE VENTILATION: These breathable kickboxing gloves have S.P.P ventilation holes in the palm area that allows proper airflow to the hands. An added soft-stain fabric on the inside of the glove enhances comfort and keeps the hands sweat-free.

SWIFT MAINTENANCE: Our multi-purpose boxing training gloves are easy to maintain. Simply clean them with a wet cloth to restore their shine and glory.

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