RDX F15 MMA Grappling Gloves Padded Leather Training Sparring Mitts - Matte Black

Size: Small
Sale price$37.99


Precision, comfort and protection with ConvEX Skin Combat Leather. D. Cut palm, full wraparound Quick-EZ Hook-and-Loop closure with padded PC-3 technology are eventual in safety and custom fit. The elite pre-curved design puts the palm in a natural position, releasing stress and fatigue amidst the fight. The high-density Infused Shock Dispersion Sheet offers even shock distribution and keeps fists , while SpongeX Padding offers impact resistance and increases punching power. The open looped fingers and thumb are reinforced with dual stitching that can take the brunt of extreme bashing. Double Quick-EZ Hook-and-Loop strap gives unmatched comfort and support. QD-1 lining wicks away sweat while keeping the hand ventilated.

MAYA HIDE CONVEX SKIN LEATHER, these NOIR SERIES grappling gloves are comfortable, protective and versatile for an MMA fighter who wants it all. Go for ground and pound, bag work and striking with packed confidence.

PC-3 PADDING for shock diffusion to protect wrists and hands. The padding material offers supreme defense against the nastiest of impacts and keeps your hands safe and protected.

D. CUT OPEN PALM DESIGN improves grip and versatility. It also aerates hands effectively and makes them easy to wipe and clean. It further enhances grip and natural hold.

QUICK-EZ HOOK-AND-LOOP STRAP wraps around for an easy and convenient fit. With compact support there is never a concern or risk for imbalanced wrist alignment.

TIGHTLY PACKED STITCHING expertise permits the pair of MMA gloves to maintain their shape even after grueling sparring sessions.

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