Personna EasyFit Mach3 Compatible Refill Razor Blade Cartridges - 4 Count

Sale price$8.99


These top-notch razor blades boast a perfect fit for all Gillette Mach3 handles, delivering an unbelievably smooth shave. Personna crafted them in the USA to ensure unrivaled quality. You can safely use them with any Gillette Mach3 handle, no need to buy new equipment. An ultra-sleek 3-blade head efficiently navigates contours, even those in challenging areas like under your nose. Plus, it rinses clean easily. Strategically spaced blades excel at trimming and rinsing out surplus hair, keeping blades sharp for longer. A skin protection system with a smooth gliding motion prevents cuts and reduces irritation. Triple-coated blades provide a close, comfortable shave, making dull razors a distant memory. You can keep using your Mach3 handle--every style works with these cartridges. Why wait? Get a perfect shave today! Specifically designed for all skin types, the unique lubricating gel coating lessens friction for a flawless shave that feels as

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