Louisville Slugger UPM 50 Black Flame Pitching Machine, Flex Protective Screen and Heater Sports 12-Pack Weighted Pitching Machine Baseballs Bundle

Sale price$299.95


Baseball / Softball Training Aid Pitching Machine that pitches reliably and consistently for batter after batter allowing hitters to concentrate on developing hand eye coordination and a proper swing path to the ball. The machine also consistently throws accurate fly-balls and ground balls for fielding drills. Suitable for use by youth players and youth coaches.

Baseball / Softball Screen / Training Aid. Designed to be used with the mesh door open for use with the Louisville Slugger L60111 Blue Flame or L60222 Black Flame Pitching machines. Can be used with the mesh door closed to screen fungo hitters or screen ballplayers retriving balls. Suitable for all skill levels from Tee Ball to the Pros.

These balls are optic yellow in color, made from durable polyurethane, and pitch with pin point accuracy. Perfectly molded at the factory, Heater baseballs are the world’s most accurate pitching machine baseballs.

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