Gator Cases Protechtor Series Padded Drum Bag; Tom 10" x 8" (GP-1008)

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The Gator Case GP-1008 Standard Series Padded Protechtor Tom Drum Bag provides a safe, secure and stylish way to protect and transport your Tom-Tom. The bag is made from tough, water-resistant 600-Denier Nylon and features a 10mm padded and lined interior for additional protection.

This Protechtor contains a durable zipper that permits rapid access and closure to the bag. In addition, there are comfortable carrying straps to make toting it in and out of the club easy. When not in use, the bag neatly collapses for convenient storage.

For any musician, protecting your instrument is critical - and if you've ever played in a band, you know that roadies and car trunks can be rough on gear. Loading and unloading under various climatic conditions puts your gear through stress - rain, wind and snow. However, when it's time to play, you want to know that your gear has made it to the gig in one piece and is ready to go. Gator Standard Protechtor Bags are made with the needs of the musician in mind.

The nylon exterior protects the contents from the elements since it is water-resistant
The padded interior is an additional barrier that guards against bangs, drops and other bumps
The carry straps make portability easy
For those who don't want larger, hard plastic drum cases piling up backstage, this bag is the way to go since it collapses when not needed
The Denier rating refers to the number of times the fabric is twisted within one inch. Higher ratings produce a stronger but rougher material

Interior Dimensions
Length - 12"
Width - 12"
Height - 9"
Exterior Dimensions
Exterior Length - 12.5"
Exterior Width - 12.5"
Exterior Height - 9.5"

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