Gator Cases Double-Layer Aerosol Cover with MERV-13 Filter for Clarinet & Oboe; Fits Bell Sizes Ranging from 2 to 3-Inches - GBELLCVR0203BK

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The wind instrument double-layer bell covers fit securely over the bell opening of your instrument to help reduce the spread of aerosols during use. These covers come equipped with a removable MERV-13 filter and are designed to meet the recommendations set forth by the Performing Arts Aerosol Study commissioned by the National Federation of State High School Association (NFHS).
Each cover features an elastic closure and cord lock that allows you to tighten it over your bell cover for a snug fit and does not cause any back pressure or noticeable acoustic loss during performances. To clean, simply hand wash and let air dry (do not machine wash).
MERV-13 Filter
Greatly reduce the spread of aerosols and made to meet performing arts aerosol study recommendations.
Elastic Closure and Adjustable Drawstring
Elastic closure and adjustable drawstring with cord lock keeps the mask secured to the bell of your instrument.
Little to No Back Pressure from Cover
Breathable design with little to no back pressure or acoustic loss during performance.
Fits: Clarinet and Oboe
MERV-13 Filter

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