2 Pack Gator Frameworks Deluxe Desk-Mounted Broadcast Microphone Boom Stand for Podcasts & Recording - GFWMICBCBM2000

Sale price$189.00


Gator Frameworks Series desktop mounted microphone boom stands are the clutter-reducing stand solutions perfectly suited for broadcasters, podcasters, content creators, radio hosts, and on-air personalities. Each boom arm includes both a clamping and mounting base attachment mechanism to best accommodate your particular setup needs and swivels a full 360-degrees. All stands are engineered specifically to reduce noise brought about from moving parts and can be adjusted to hit desired angles, providing you with quiet and easily customizable mic placement options. Concerned it won’t hold up your large-diaphragm mics? Ditch the worry, for all models are designed to bear the weight of the heaviest mics in your collection, making the desktop mic boom stand series by Gator Frameworks a group of rugged stands you can truly count on!
360-Degree Rotation
Full 360-degree rotation. Engineered to produce minimal sound when moved. (reduces the potential for interruptions during sound-sensitive recordings)
Versatile Mounting
Includes both a clamping and fixed mounting base attachment to best accommodate your particular setup needs.
Threaded Mount
70mm threaded boom end with easy angle adjustment.
Coated Steel
Black-powder coated steel construction with internal metal coil springs.
Spring-Loaded Articulating Arm with 38.6” Max Extension
Exterior Dimensions: 18.3“ (Lower Arm), 18.1“ (Upper Arm). Net Weight: 3.2 lbs
70mm Mic Threads at Boom End.
Includes both Clamp and Fixed Mount Hardware
Max weight capacity: 2.4 lbs

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